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Gatlinburg Log Cabin/Chalet Rentals Located in the Great Smoky Mountains


Reservation Cancellations and Policies


REQUIREMENT TO MAKE A RESERVATION: We do require a "3-night" minimium stay, however there are exceptions. The exceptions can be made if you are coming in at the last minute and there is an opening for the cabin that you desire, or if there happens to be a "two day slot only" open between other reservations in the future. We can also make exceptions during the slower times of the seasons. Call our office for these exceptions. In order to guarantee your reservation we require 1/2 of the reservation to be payable by credit card or money order. The accommodations desired will be reserved at that time under those conditions. Once your deposit is accepted, a confirmation letter will be sent to the email address given at time of reservation.

To calculate the total you would take the nightly rate(as indicated on the colored coded *rate page) and multiply it by the number of nights then add 12.75% tax rate plus a $50.00 Reservation Fee to the total. It will automatically give you the total when you click "Book Now"-it will not actually "book" the reservation until you put in all the personal information including your credit card number. *The base rate that is indicated on the colored coded "Rate" page is for "Up to four Adults". PLEASE NOTE: that there is an additional $10.00 " per adult charge, per night for "more than 4" adults. This will automatically be calculated into the rate when you insert the proper number of adults(ages 5 & up).

The balance is due and must be paid in full by your check-in date byCredit Card (Visa, Master Card or Discover), money order , cash or travelers checks. All credit card sales are final.

A change or cancellation of your reservation requires a 30 day notice. If you cancel prior to the 4 week period, your deposit minus a $50.00 cancellation fee will be refunded. Should you change or cancel less then the 4 week period, no money will be refunded because we would require a certain amount of time to rebook what you have had us hold for you. Should it be necessary for you to leave earlier than your scheduled departure date, you will be responsible for the full amount for the nights reserved. No money will be refunded for early departures.

REMEMBER: You are coming to the mountains and therefore you should expect that you are not going to be on flat terrain but most likely(especially if you have a great mountain view), up on a mountain ridge that will likely require traveling up a slightly inclined or narrow or winding road. This is not only true with our rental properties but is applicable to the whole area of the Great Smoky Mountains. If you have any doubts about being or traveling on top of higher terrain roads, then you should consider this because we absolutely cannot refund your money at time of arrival because you are afraid of higher mountain elevations.

WINTER RESERVATIONS: (Please read this IMPORTANT information if you are reserving a cabin in the Winter months). December 1 thru March 31, it is your responsibility to come prepared with chains and/or four wheel drive vehicles. However, even these type of vehicles dont always guarantee that you will get to your cabin if the back roads are icy, based on past winters. This is why we highly recommend that you consider purchasing Travel Insurance for these times. We absolutely cannot be held responsible for your transportation to your cabins due to inclimate weather conditions as we do not have the manpower. Please be prepared in the winter months for the possibility of snow covered or icy back roads because if there is a snow storm, the county does not plow the back roads in the mountains and that is where most of the cabins are located with ANY of the rental companies in this area. Again, we CANNOT be held responsible for road or driveway inaccessability. We do not refund for any weather conditions as we have no control over them as they are an act of God. Therefore it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you purchase Travel Insurance for these times of the year, this way you can rest assured that you will have a place to stay if you cannot gain access to your cabin due to icy road conditions and it will be paid for by your insurance. The cost is minimal(4 to 7%) and well worth the risk if you have to travel in the Winter months. Our rental rates are lower anyway this time of year so it does not cost that much more. It can be the difference between assuring a "paid" place to stay versus not when you arrive, if bad weather conditions exist. We can assist you with several companies and provide their websites if needed. We are however in no way affiliated with any Travel Insurance companies nor do we accept any comissions from them. We would just like to see our guests have some alternative under what can be very stressful conditions for both the guest and the rental agents and that is why we HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.


All linens and a starter towel supply are provided, however if you require excessive towel usage it is recommended that you bring an extra supply with you. Larger beach type towels are recommended for the hot tubs. The cabins also include bathing soap, dishwashing soap, toilet paper and fully equipped kitchens. We do not provide any food products at the chalets to avoid pest infestation. We do not provided daily maid service unless previously disscussed and will be at the guests expense. Each cabin is owned and decorated by the different owners therefore all amenities are different. Do not assume that an item will be there because it is included in another cabin. Please check with the receptionist for a specific item if not sure. The cabins and chalets are sprayed each month for pests, however during the warmer months(especially spring and summer), bees and flys will be out due to the nature of the mountains and wooded areas. We try to ward off all insects as much as is physically possibly but you must understand when coming to the mountains, mother nature is always there. If you are allergic to certains bees and/or plants you may take this into consideration before making a reservation.

All of our cabins are strickly NON-SMOKING cabins or chalets. Upon departure, if smoking inside the cabin has been found you will be charged excessively for fumigation due to incoming guests as many people are allergic to cigarette smoke. Unless posted inside the cabin that smoking is allowed, there absolutely is NO SMOKING INSIDE. If you must smoke, please smoke outside on the patios with the doors shut.

We drain, sanitize, clean, refill and chemically treat all of our hot tubs after each check-out. When you receive your confirmation, read the detailed Hot Tub rules before entering the Hot Tubs.

No pets are allowed unless the cabin is specified to be PET FRIENDLY.

The age requirement to reserve a cabin is 21 and older.

Children 4 and under are free.

Our Company is privately owned and managed and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

We will not be held responsible for accident or injury or for stolen or damaged property while you are staying with our company. However if you or anyone in your party damages something, you will be held responsible for reimbursing the company.

Our Rental Agency along with our property owners try to ensure that all descriptions and representations(of the cabins)from our staff and our website, are accurate and up to date. However, we are not responsible for printing errors or changes made by owners in the furnishings or amenities. Prices, amenities, specials, seasons, and/or minimums are subject to change with or without notice.

Check - in time is 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Late arrivals can be accommodated with prior arrangements at no extra charge. Check-out time is 10:00 AM. We are closed on Sunday however we do accept check-ins on Sundays with arrangements listed on your confirmation once you make a reservation.


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